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Having been rewatching old Star Trek original series episodes as well as reading old Archie Comics lately, I was happy to come across this. This was from early 1977, so it’s a little too soon to be riding the wave of the first motion picture, which was 1979. Star Trek had been making a bit of a resurgence around then, though, with the first space shuttle being named Enterprise and plans for a new series, which never materialized.

I love how you have to pay postage and handling for “intergallactic transporter” charges. Not only is “intergallactic” misspelled, but Star Trek took place within our own galaxy, so it would be intragalactic. One dollar for an issue is a pretty fair price though. Something like that would be at least five dollars these days. I also love how the three-color printing process of the ad puts Spock in a yellow uniform.

(From Betty and Veronica #258, June 1977)

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