Swinging with the Beverly Hillbillies

swinger1 300x223 Swinging with the Beverly HillbilliesSomeone in the prop department of the Beverly Hillbillies was having fun. In another case of what could be gotten away with in the days before VCRs and DVRs, I present you with this image, taken from “Something for the Queen,” which aired on October 2, 1968, the second episode of Season 7. In this episode, the Clampetts return to their castle in England so that they can give the deed to Canada back to Queen Elizabeth (yeah, don’t ask). On the plane with them is a man who’s apparently very fragile in the psychological sense. He hears the Clampetts talk about owning Canada and overhears Jethro describe Elly Mae’s buzzard, which he’s smuggled onto the plane in a carpet bag so that he can hunt oafs and serfs (please don’t ask again), and instead of simply rolling his eyes at their idiocy, like any normal person would do, he has a nervous breakdown.

All that aside, the thing I point your attention to is the title of the magazine this man is reading. He ambles up to the front of First Class to spy on Jethro and hides his curiosity by picking out a magazine from the rack and leafing through it. Yes, as you can clearly see, the magazine is named Swinger. It’s hard to make out the picture on the front cover, but the image is of a scantily clad woman. Someone snuck a porn magazine onto 1960s network television. I can’t find any specific information on this particular incarnation of Swinger magazine itself. The title, though, suggests it’s about the swinging lifestyle, but that can’t be for certain. At the very least, however, it’s one of the many generic men’s publications of that era, the kind that featured mostly black and white and sometimes explicit photos of women in various states of undress. If you’re at all familiar with vintage porn, you’ll know what I mean. If you aren’t, and you also don’t know what “swinging” is, please say hello to your grandmother in church next Sunday.

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