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Having been rewatching old Star Trek original series episodes as well as reading old Archie Comics lately, I was happy to come across this. This was from early 1977, so it’s a little too soon to be riding the wave of the first motion picture, which was 1979. Star Trek had been making a bit… Read more »


Crazy Crabs

Crabs? Yes. Crazy? Perhaps. Or more likely irresponsible. There are so many things about this ad that scream WTF. You have to love the drawing of Suzy, though, but would any of you out there who own a hermit crab name it Sexy Snooky? I hope not. And I love the “actual ‘crazy crab’ photos”… Read more »


Alien Nation

According to the information that I could find, Blair was a multi-level marketing company that sold home remedies, pudding mixes, pie mixes, spices and seasonings. But I ask you, would you buy these products from a kid named Tim Newcomer? Neither would I. Good luck to you, Tim, in your new profession. I am glad,… Read more »